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I am writing to you because, as a fellow man, I believe we have the responsibility to carry on the great work of the #metoo movement and start changing the culture around us.

With your help, we will launch #MeNeither, a movement asking men to publicly pledge their support for a world of true gender equality.

First, share this email with every man you know.

Find some way of publicly pledging your support for #MeNeither with one of the following pledges:
I will not let sexual harassment take place at my workplace #MeNeither
I will not let women get paid less than men for the same job #MeNeither
I will not let men (or women) abuse their power #MeNeither
I will treat all of my colleagues with respect #MeNeither
I will think about how my behaviour affects others before I act #MeNeither
Or make up your own pledge.

Share something on your website or social media channels
Send a text or letter to a loved one

Start a conversation in your own home
Adopt these values on behalf of your organisation

With your support, we will launch this campaign on September 1st

Our hope is that #MeNeither takes this movement offline, translating into new conversations and altered behaviours in the workplace, the public arena and at home.

The task before us is massive – indeed, multi-generational – but now is the time to carry forward the good fight. We cannot allow the hard-won gains of #metoo to wither on the vine. Activism must become action.

So, are you with me?

Ron Elisha

I pledge to call out bad alpha-male behaviour!
I will not let men (or women) abuse their power

Mission Statement

Throughout all of human history, the alpha male – the leader of the pack, the go-getter, the high achiever - has been in charge.

His rule – characterized by aggression, violence, intimidation, greed and exploitation – has been absolute.

The result? A world riven by war, social inequity, oppression and fear.

So entrenched was (is) this régime, that we have come to regard these aspects of our social structure as inescapable sequelae of ‘human nature’.

Until now. With the advent of #metoo - courtesy of the enormous courage shown by certain women throughout the world.

Now it ‘s time for men to step up to the plate – to say at last, in a loud, clear voice: Me Neither.

#meNeither is a part of the natural evolution of #metoo.

It represents an acknowledgement of the fact that we can only attempt to right the wrongs of this world if we all take part in the battle against what we know to be wrong.

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